Outings & Camps


At Sagewood the outings that we go on are varied and interesting. We arrange for an outing at least twice a year.  These outings are enriching and encourage an inquisitive mindset in the children.

Some of our favourite venues are Flag Animal Farm, Twinstreams, the Jump Park and the Croc Farm.

Each outing is fun and adventurous and leaves the children begging to go again.


At Sagewood Preparatory School, we aim to give our pupils an all-round education. In line with this, we arrange a number of exciting outdoor activities throughout the year to enhance our academic programme.

Our pupils in Grades 4 – 7 have the opportunity to attend their annual camp.  These camps expose children to a multitude of new experiences and equip them with skills to meet varied challenges.

The pupils undertake a 3 day, 2 night camp which we rotate in a 4 year cycle.  We visit, Spirit of Adventure, Seula, The Farm, Simbiti and Verbara Lodge.


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