Sagewood Preparatory School opened in January 1997, the result of a combined effort by the local farming community and teachers from Gingindlovu Primary School.  A large farmhouse at Fairbreeze was used to house 32 learners and 3 teachers.  Sports grounds were developed and the rambling double storey house provided sufficient facilities for the small classes.

In 2001, with the aid of a grant from the local council, Sagewood moved closer to Gingindlovu where classrooms had been built on the grounds belonging to the Polo Club.  The Pre-Primary occupied a building and playground built onto the South of the clubhouse and the rest of the school was housed in 3 classrooms and an administrative office to the North.  The school has use of the toilets, kitchen and so on in the clubhouse.

Combined classes were a feature of early Sagewood but now Grades 1, 2 and 3 have sufficient numbers to operate independently.  At present the Grade 4 and 5 class is combined, as is the Grade 6 and 7 class.  As the school grew, a single classroom and storeroom were added in 2006 and a further 2 classrooms in 2013.  It is hoped that, in time, the Grade 4 and 5 classes will be split.  Although the majority of our pupils have IsiZulu as their mother tongue, we encourage them to develop their English skills in order for them to become fluent and able to work competently in this language.

The staff complement at Sagewood has grown steadily and there are presently 8 teachers, an administrative executive, a part-time IsiZulu teacher and an Intern Teacher.  There are also two staff members who assist with cleaning and ground maintenance.  Sagewood tries to keep its fees as affordable as possible and works on a very tight budget.  The school does not receive any funding from the government and is thus reliant entirely on the collection of school fees and fund raising.

Sagewood is run with a Christian based ethos.  Each day starts with a prayer and every Friday there is an Assembly in the morning in which Christian education and values are taught.  Sagewood does however have a number of children who follow other faiths enrolled at the school.  We try hard to uphold our vision, “Sagewood – Where Every Child is a Winner” by treating each child as an individual.  With smaller classes and experienced, caring teachers it is possible to give each learner the attention and encouragement they need to achieve their potential.  We are heartened by the successes that many of our past learners achieve when they enter high school.

Sagewood is a special place where we inspire future leaders, develop sports stars of the future, nurture scientific exploration, encourage good values and manners and help our learners to be the best they can be.


Tel: 035 337 0042

Email: admin@sagewoodprep.co.za